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Ava Flex: Cloud video security
now within everyone’s reach

Coming soon from Ava

The smart and simple way to bring cloud-native video security to all your facilities with a cost-effective wireless AI security camera

The Flex is the latest in Ava’s world-class portfolio of intelligent cloud-native security cameras and monitors indoor locations with precision and agility. Designed to pivot around your business needs, the Flex security camera brings WiFi connectivity for the quickest ever onboarding experience, enhanced sensory insights, and delivers crisp footage even in challenging light, providing a lower barrier to entry for cloud video transformation. 

The Flex is the ideal solution for all the protection and proactive security features without the price tag. Whether you need to secure indoor retail spaces, commercial offices, manufacturing and logistics facilities, or dealerships and have anything from a single location to multiple distributed sites, use the Flex to scale up video monitoring without compromising on video quality or smart analytics.

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