Ava Bullet
Ava Bullet
Ava Bullet Mobile
  • Edge
  • Extreme low light performance
  • Indoor, outdoor,
    and rugged
  • Image sensor
    up to 4K
  • Directional audio analytics
Bullet spec header

Ava Bullet

  • Lens (wide)

    Focal length: 4.3-10.8mm
    Aperture: ƒ/1.38-ƒ/2.8

  • Lens (tele)

    Focal length 11-28mm
    Aperture: ƒ/1.47-ƒ/1.69

  • IR night vision

    Automatic night mode
    IR-cut filter
    850 nm IR LED

  • Field of view (wide)

    100° - 40° Horizontal
    53° - 23° Vertical

  • Field of view (tele)

    39° - 16° Horizontal
    23° - 9° Vertical

  • Maximum resolution and frame rate 4K


  • Maximum resolution and frame rate 5MP


  • Dynamic range

    Multi-exposure line-based HDR

  • Video compression

    H.265, H.264, Motion JPEG

  • Audio

    Microphone array (4x microphones)
    Audio classification
    Audio localization

  • Security

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)
    Factory-installed certificates
    No default passwords
    Mandatory access authentication
    HTTPS/TLS encryption

  • Network protocols


  • Power source

    PoE+ (802.3at Type 2), normal operation
    PoE (802.3 af), without heat and IR
    USB-C, installation only

  • Power consumption

    Typical: 5 W
    Max without heater, with IR: 12.95 W
    Max with heater: 23 W

  • Storage

    2x MicroSD, SDXC UHS-I

  • Connection

    802.3ab 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
    USB-C for preview and setup

  • Installation aid

    Versatile bracket, mounts to standard back boxes.
    Refer to technical drawing.

  • Adjustment range

    Pan, Tilt, Roll

  • Impact resistance

    IK10 (IEC/EN 62262)

  • Ingress protection

    IP67 (IEC/EN 60529)

  • Temperature

    Operating: -25°C to +50°C
    Storage: -40°C to +60°C

  • Physical characteristics

    Dimensions: 284x86x108
    Weight: 1.33 kg
    Body: Aluminum

Cloud-connected Bullet security cameras

The AI-powered Bullet security camera seizes critical details from any outdoor or indoor location. With two powerful wide and tele lenses, a 4K image sensor, IR illumination, and optical zoom, it helps you capture clear and sharp images in challenging light conditions. The Ava Bullet video security camera has an innovative sliding body design that eliminates the need for back boxes with simpler cable management.

Say goodbye to centralized storage and analytics servers that must be purchased separately, configured, and maintained. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, Ava Bullet camera is easy to install and get online within minutes. Its powerful video and audio analytics enable you to be truly proactive and detect threats before they turn into incidents. What’s more, the camera stays up to date and secure and gets better over time with software updates from the cloud. Bullet is designed and developed in Norway and the UK.

  1. Visibly deterring form factor, vandal-resistant (IK10) & outdoor-ready (IP67), perfect for any highly-exposed installation.
  2. The acoustic sensor delivers integrated directional audio analytics that identifies audio events and the direction of the source.
  3. Unparalleled image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and computer vision via Ambarella’s SoC.
  4. High resolution, exceptional low light performance, and multi-exposure line-based HDR to capture every detail in the most challenging light conditions, irrespective of the environment.
  5. Unique sliding body design that simplifies the installation process, removes the need for back boxes and allows for simple cable management.

The Bullet series advantage


Easy installation, use, and management

viedo and audio analytics

AI video and directional audio analytics


Cloud-native deployment

Install and deploy in minutes

Install and deploy in minutes

It’s never been easier to add and configure security cameras to a deployment. Our plug-and-play configuration removes the need for usernames and passwords, pre-configuration set-up, or default settings. You can also scan the unique QR codes on the Bullet cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system. What’s more, Bullet security camera is equipped with an innovative sliding body and simple cable management.


Monitor video smarter with threat detection in real-time

Integrate intelligence through image recognition, machine learning, and acoustics. Detect anomalies in real time and receive proactive notifications before threats escalate. Identify specific sound patterns, such as screaming, gunshots, breaking glass, smoke alarms, car alarms, loud noises, and ultrasound, and determine their direction. Additionally, transform the manually-intensive examination of footage into accurate and useful results within minutes instead of days.

Deter incidents efficiently

Deter incidents efficiently

Mounted outdoors or indoors, Bullet is ideal for locations where you want people to know that they are being monitored. Our security camera is built using robust, high-quality materials, which make it vandal-resistant and ideal for securing locations such as airports, parking lots, public transport, manufacturing sites, or any large open area. Bullet has wide or tele lenses that support both landscape and portrait mode (16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios), making it easy for you to shoot along a wall or corridor while always delivering the best image composition.

Withstand any environmental conditions

Withstand any environmental conditions

Bullet is IP67 certified and features better water sealing, fewer gaskets, and tighter seals for maximum performance and durability. Its powerful lenses, image sensor, and IR illumination ​​ensure coverage and extraordinary details over large areas in all light conditions.


Stay protected from cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is no longer a concern but a built-in feature of Bullet. With factory-installed certificates, camera passwords set at initialization, and end-to-end encryption, our cameras are the most secure on the market. Bullet is equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide a secure encryption key storage for each camera. Bullet’s software is always up to date and gets better over time with software updates from the cloud.

Enjoy a reliable and intelligent bandwidth optimization

Enjoy a reliable and intelligent bandwidth optimization

Worried about the storage costs for your video footage while preserving all the forensic details you might need to solve cases? Bullet is an intelligent video security camera that uses analytics to determine what video to record. Users can configure different resolutions when our machine learning analytics consider the video interesting or not. In addition, the camera can dynamically vary the bitrate within a stream based on object detection. Thus, you need less storage and less bandwidth on playback while keeping the quality where and when you need it.

Enhance visibility with powerful AI features and valuable insights

Map view with Smart Presence™

Operators can add maps of all your locations to gain more situational awareness and insights. Each map can be configured and includes camera and alarm views, along with the ability to track people and objects as they move on your premises.

Occupancy counting

With occupancy counting, business analysts, security operators, and administrators can monitor large facilities and keep a rolling total of the current occupancy of people and vehicles in defined locations, enabling, e.g., staff and stock optimization, social distancing, and more.


Heatmaps are ideal for gaining more insights into retail, healthcare, schools and other educational facilities, public venues, hospitality locales, public transport, or federal government premises. The tool provides an enhanced awareness of customer behavior, dwell times and congestions, transportation flows, suspicious activities, and more.

Smart Search™

Reduce forensic investigation time and gain efficiency and accuracy with the same number of operators using machine learning-powered searching. Search by event and similarity to perform appearance and image detection. With Smart Search, it is possible to quickly comb through countless hours of video across your entire implementation. 

Timeline with Smart Presence™

The rich playback timeline in Aware’s video view provides thumbnail-based browsing of video and highlights people, vehicles, and overall motion separately. Your operators gain a better, clearer understanding of different events captured by the camera.

Certifications and awards

  • Red Dot Award Product Design winner

    Ava Bullet won the Red Dot: Product Design Award, recognizing high design quality in terms of both aesthetic and functionality.

    Press release
  • ISO 27001 certified

    This certification ensures our commitment to good security culture, processes, and technology.

    Blog post

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