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  • Wireless
  • Location
  • Horizontal
    field of view
  • Environmental
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Ava Flex

  • Image sensor


  • Image sensor size format


  • Lens

    Focal length: 3.3mm
    Aperture: ƒ/1.1
    Fixed focus

  • Night vision

    Color night vision
    Adaptive white light

  • Minimum illumination in color mode


  • Field of view

    110° horizontal
    58° vertical

  • Maximum resolution & Frame rate

    1920x1080, 30fps

  • Dynamic range

    Multi-exposure line-based HDR

  • Video compression

    H.265, H.264, Motion JPEG

  • Audio

    Audio classification

  • Environmental sensors


  • Security

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)
    Factory-installed certificates
    No default passwords
    Mandatory access authentication
    HTTPS/TLS encryption

  • Network protocols


  • Power source

    PoE 802.3af or
    USB-C 1.5A

  • Power consumption

    Typical: 3.5W
    Max: 6W

  • Storage

    MicroSD, SDXC High Speed

  • Connection

    802.3u 10/100 Ethernet
    USB-C for preview and setup

  • Wireless connection

    Wi-Fi 5 (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
    Bluetooth 5.0

  • Installation aid

    Suitable for ceiling and wall mount
    Screws and wall plugs included
    ¼”-20 UNC Standardized camera mount thread
    Compatible with Ava Drop Ceiling Mount

  • Adjustment range

    Pan, Tilt, Roll

  • Temperature

    Operating: 0ºC to +40ºC
    Storage: -40ºC to +60ºC

  • Physical characteristics

    With Ball joint mount: 80 x 80 x 96 mm, 202 g
    Camera: 80 x 80 x 38 mm, 142 g

  • EMC

    EN 55032, 2014/53/EU, BS EN 55032, SI 2017/1206,
    AS/NZS CISPR 32,
    FCC Part 15B, ICES-003 Issue 6

  • Safety

    EN 62368, UL 62368, LVD

Cloud flexibility made affordable with Ava Flex wireless cameras

The cloud-native Ava Flex security camera provides the lowest barrier to entry for cloud video transformation. Its intelligence, simplicity, and ease of use make it an ideal solution for organizations with distributed locations, like retail stores, commercial real estate and hospitality facilities, and dealerships, where it blends harmoniously with its surroundings. With a small, soft, and round form factor, the camera fits any indoor environment.

Featuring integrated temperature and humidity sensors, the Flex can contribute to improving and making indoor spaces more comfortable. The additional built-in video and audio analytics detect events, anomalies, sounds, and identify people in real time.

Say goodbye to centralized storage and analytics servers that must be purchased separately, configured, and maintained. Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, the Flex is easy to install and onboard within minutes. The camera stays up-to-date and secure with automatic software updates for new features from the cloud. The Flex is designed and developed in Norway and the UK.

  1. Discreet, friendly design with ball joint for manually adjustable mounting to deliver full coverage flexibility. Compatible with third-party mounting accessories.
  2. Unparalleled image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and computer vision for real-time protection and smart security features.
  3. Integrated image, audio, and environmental sensors to improve indoor spaces, protect equipment, and reduce the loss of goods.
  4. Wireless connectivity and QR code scanning for the quickest onboarding experience allowing to deploy and operate outside of a wired network.

The Flex series advantage


Easy installation, use, and management

viedo and audio analytics

AI video and audio analytics


Cloud-native deployment

Image - Install virtually

Install it virtually anywhere with ease

With a discreet and unobtrusive design, Ava Flex is your friend. It includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities that give you additional flexibility to deploy and operate it outside of a wired network, helping you gain more freedom than ever. Additionally, the Flex features a plug-and-play configuration that removes the need for usernames and passwords, pre-configuration setup, or default settings. You can also scan the unique QR codes on the Flex cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud platform.

Image - Get more with less

Get more with less

The Flex takes video security to a whole new affordable level. The security camera helps organizations remain competitive without compromising on video quality or smart features. Whether you need to secure a single location or multiple distributed sites, the Flex makes video monitoring simple to deploy and helps you control your costs by scaling smoothly with your business needs.

Image - Environmental sensors

Enhanced insights from integrated environmental sensors

Unlock smart, comprehensive technology to improve indoor spaces. With its integrated temperature and humidity sensors, the Flex can contribute to detecting and preventing issues with temperature-sensitive assets, optimizing comfort in indoor locations, or operating data centers more efficiently.

Image - Monitor your space

A smarter way to monitor your space

The Flex integrates advanced intelligence through image recognition, machine learning, and sound detection. The camera helps you detect anomalies in real time and receive proactive notifications before threats escalate. What’s more, with sound detection capabilities, it identifies specific acoustic patterns and elevates your situational awareness as never before.

Image - Clear footage 2

Bring clarity to your footage

Leverage Ava Flex’s image capabilities to monitor indoor areas in challenging light conditions and perform accurate investigations with super sharp image quality. With two white LEDs with intelligent AI-based light control, color night vision, and a field of view of over 100°, the Flex records movement and other details in high definition.

Image - Reliability and security

Reliability and security from Ava

With camera passwords set at initialization, end-to-end encryption, and detailed audit logs, the Flex is one of the most secure on the market and is always up to date with the latest features from the cloud. 

Image - Cloud storage

Store footage in the cloud

The Flex includes 7 days of onboard storage and up to 30 days of cloud storage. Leverage Ava’s smart analytics to store only what is relevant, or expand your storage for unlimited video history in the cloud. You can configure different resolutions to automatically record with maximum resolution when people are present and change to as low as 360p or no recording at all when the activity disappears to save storage space.

Enhance visibility with powerful AI features and valuable insights

Map view with Smart Presence™

Operators can add maps of all your locations to gain more situational awareness and insights. Each map can be configured and includes camera and alarm views, along with the ability to track people and objects as they move on your premises.

Occupancy counting

With occupancy counting, business analysts, security operators, and administrators can monitor large facilities and keep a rolling total of the current occupancy of people in defined locations, enabling, e.g., staff and stock optimization, social distancing, and more.


Heatmaps are ideal for gaining more insights into retail, healthcare, schools and other educational facilities, public venues, hospitality locales, public transport, or federal government premises. The tool provides an enhanced awareness of customer behavior, dwell times and congestions, transportation flows, suspicious activities, and more.

Smart Search™

Reduce forensic investigation time and gain efficiency and accuracy with the same number of operators using machine learning-powered searching. Search by event and similarity to perform appearance and image detection. With Smart Search, it is possible to quickly comb through countless hours of video across your entire implementation. 

Certifications and awards

  • ISO 27001 certified

    This certification ensures our commitment to good security culture, processes, and technology.

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