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Rethink security and bring Ava’s cloud-native video surveillance solution with full analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems.

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Intelligent cloud video security and operational analytics

Tap into the simplicity and flexibility of Ava’s intelligent video surveillance solutions to safeguard your people, property, and data proactively. Extend the same real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for direct cloud-connected Ava devices and existing on-premises cameras. Unify the tools and systems you used every day with a friction-free transition to the cloud video surveillance solution powered by Ava to enjoy lower operational costs and increased flexibility.

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yearly operational savings through the cloud

Source: OpsRamp

less time spent on investigations

Source: Ava Smart Search

increase in operator efficiency

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Why organizations choose Ava Cloud Video Security

Security professionals

Strengthen physical security proactively

Stay on top of security threats before they become incidents using Ava’s real-time alerts and anomaly detection. Increase your forensic investigations efficiency with accurate and quick searching across the entire deployment. Access your system on the web or via mobile apps anywhere in the world without special VPNs, downloads, or plugins, and share live or recorded video securely with the authorities.

Business operations managaers

Improve business operations

Streamline your business and operations and gain enhanced situational awareness with Ava’s operational insights. Monitor and count people and vehicles, watch smart maps to understand hot spots or high traffic areas, and manage occupancy and shift scheduling. Make sure your team meets stakeholders’ expectations at all times.

IT security managers

Leverage simple and always secure video surveillance

Enjoy a simple and end-to-end smart video security solution. Ava makes it easy to add cameras in minutes and maintain simple, scalable management with group configuration policies. You also get access to detailed camera information, activity logs, and advanced video adjustments in a single pane with focused user experience and automation. Ava is secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport and automatic software updates and performance checks through the cloud.

HR managers

Ensure full compliance

Investigate slip-and-fall accidents, liability claims, or malpractice to protect your businesses’ reputation at all times. Search across multiple cameras irrespective of your deployment size and share live and recorded footage with team members and authorities securely. Maintain social distancing compliance among employees and customers, and optimize workspace and meeting room efficiency at all times. 


Make the most of our open security ecosystem

Integrations Split

Unique features


Detect threats and anomalies in real time

Ava uses intelligent algorithms and self-learning to detect abnormal behavior in specific scenarios and alerts operators in real-time. Smart PresenceTM intelligently highlights what’s truly relevant from all your cameras, in real-time, all the time.


Search quickly and accurately

With Smart SearchTM, you can search for objects, events, and similarity, or by image, finish forensic investigations in minutes, and with fewer resources. Use the playback timeline with embedded thumbnails and people, vehicle, and overall motion to find evidence with ease.


Optimize operations with insights

Operations, management, and marketing teams can gain more situational awareness and insights. Monitor and count people and vehicles, watch smart maps, and analyze heatmaps to understand hot spots, dwell times, or manage occupancy and shift scheduling.

leverage directional audio analytics

Install and manage seamlessly

It’s never been easier to add and configure security cameras to a deployment. You can also scan the unique QR codes on the Ava security cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system. Stay focused and efficient with tools, interfaces, and processes that understand your contexts and needs.

reduce bandwidth

Reduce bandwidth and get high-quality video surveillance

Ava Smart PathTM minimizes bandwidth consumption and keeps video local using unique and innovative technology such as WebRTC intelligent routing and AI-based bandwidth and storage optimization, alleviating a key customer concern.


Leverage directional audio analytics

Each Ava camera contains acoustic sensors giving 360-degree coverage. The cameras identify specific sound patterns to determine the type of sound and its direction, and sends instant alerts to Ava Aware, providing security operators with a complete overview of the surroundings.

Certifications and awards

  • ISO 27001 certified

    This certification ensures our commitment to good security culture, processes, and technology.

    Blog post
  • Red Dot Award Smart Product winner

    The Ava Cloud Video Security solution won an award in the “Smart Products” category, demonstrating high design quality and an innovative approach to video security solutions.

    Press release
  • Red Dot Award Product Design winner

    Ava Cameras won the Red Dot Product Design Award, recognizing high design quality by standing out from established norms in the video surveillance market with a blend of precise shapes and softened surfaces. 

    Press release

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