School security for a safe education environment


Keep your students and staff safe and your campuses protected. Find out how with Ava’s security solutions for every educational level, from K-12 schools to universities.

Current industry challenges

More than ever, schools and universities face increasing threats to their students, personnel, buildings, and grounds. Security managers must keep track of various locations: outdoor and indoor areas, playgrounds, sports fields, research laboratories, libraries, canteens, and more. With limited security budgets and a shortage of trained staff, educational institutions strive to provide an open, nurturing environment without compromising their students’ security and privacy.

A comprehensive solution for the education sector must be efficient on three levels: preventing incidents, mitigating damage, and communicating as incidents are happening, and post-incident investigations.

A typical school security system consists of video surveillance equipment, including IP cameras, a video management systems, video analytics, access control, as well as a secure and scalable IT infrastructure. Thus, educational facilities would greatly benefit from intelligent surveillance solutions that integrate easily with existing third-party security cameras while providing the same advanced functionality to analyze all the video footage with actionable insight in real-time.

Industry trends


of the Operations, Security, and IT managers running video monitoring systems in educational institutions in the US, Norway, Sweden, and the UK are experiencing accelerated cloud migration today.

Source: Ava Cloud Video Security Survey, 2021

Why Ava Video Security

Monitoring campuses to protect students, parents, and staff means balancing proactive measures with an effective response to incidents. Ava helps you identify unwanted events like vandalism, intrusion, loitering, parking violations, or people involved in suspicious acts so that you can focus on what truly matters: delivering positive academic experiences.

Increase situational awareness

Increased situational awareness

Smart Presence™ depicts people as dots on maps and live footage of persons of interest. Combine with access control to monitor hallways for a complete picture of loitering, theft, or even active shooter scenarios. Gain insights through occupancy counting and heatmaps in classrooms, libraries, and other communal areas for better energy efficiency and COVID-19 social distancing compliance to better manage the flow of people and traffic across multiple campuses.

Anomaly detection in real-time

Detect anomalies in real time

Powered by Spotlight, the dynamic Video view with instant notifications draws attention to the relevant video feeds with potential risks. Identify intruder break-ins, loitering, guns, or unauthorized vehicles in real-time. Your operators can switch between live and playback with the click of a button. Gain additional insights via Ava’s audio detection to identify sound patterns and get alerted in real time.


Install and manage with ease

We designed our cloud-based video security solution for overall simplicity and readiness for deployment. Ava Compact Dome, Ava Dome, and Ava 360 have a plug-and-play configuration that removes the need for usernames, passwords, pre-configuration set-up, or default settings. Scan the unique QR codes on the security cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system.

Accurate search within minutes

Search accurately within minutes

Ava’s Smart SearchTM allows your operators to search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image. Recovering lost or stolen objects, such as laptops or vehicles, identifying suspicious people inside or just outside campus, or locating missing students now take minutes instead of hours. With the same or fewer resources, your operators can provide compelling evidence and mitigate liability risks.


Stay cyber protected at all times

Ava brings always-on protection from cybersecurity threats and unauthorized access. Set camera passwords at initialization, get factory-installed certificates, and always-on encryption for media transport and stored recordings. Video watermarking ensures no one can tamper with your records.

Simple and flexible licensing

Benefit from simple and flexible licensing

With a simple licensing model, Ava includes services and software upgrades. You no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

Key benefits

Build from existing investment while retaining privacy

Build from existing investment while retaining privacy

  • Make existing third-party cameras smart
  • Add access control systems to extend your capabilities
  • Video and metadata storage remains on-premises
  • Full site survivability and local access
Secure and fast collaboration

Collaborate securely and quickly

  • Access live feeds and recordings securely from anywhere
  • Share video links with law enforcement authorities to facilitate ease of investigations
  • Maintain the integrity of records with video watermarking
Save storage and money

Save storage and money

  • Dynamically vary the bitrate within a stream based on object detection
  • Use less storage and bandwidth on playback while keeping the quality where and when you need it intelligently
  • Up to 200 cameras per Ava appliance—small footprint support for larger facilities
Safe and nurturing environment

Ensure a safe and nurturing environment

  • Capture every detail at all times with discreet security cameras
  • Situational awareness to assess information in real-time and make conscious decisions
  • Enable preventative action through immediate response time

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