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Smart video security for the hospitality industry


Improve customer experience, protect guests, staff, and vendors and streamline business operations with Ava’s intelligent video surveillance solutions. Find out how.

Hospitality sector challenges

Hospitality venues are reopening and restarting their operations. The intent is the same as it’s always been: to offer guests the most welcoming, and comfortable experience. But safety has taken on a whole new meaning. The current health crisis may have fundamentally changed the hospitality landscape, yet existing or future video surveillance systems and capabilities are projected to play a crucial role in helping physical security teams do more with less.

According to a recent Ava Security survey, 40% of hospitality venues and hotels already use video surveillance and video monitoring systems to cover reception, check-in, and check-out areas, to help ensure proper procedures are being followed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Why not use those existing cameras to gather extensive video security insights to help with a safe reopening?

Intelligent analytics and real-time incident detection can help hospitality staff track occupancy, prevent overcrowding, and ensure social distancing compliance. Additionally, they can perform contact tracing, streamline operations by optimizing cleaning and energy levels, and improve the overall customer experience.



of the hospitality sector are already using video analytics capabilities or are planning to deploy them in the next 12 months.

Source: Ava Cloud Video Security Survey, 2021

Why Ava Video Security

Deploy Ava’s intelligent video security solutions to stay compliant, maintain an effective loss prevention strategy, identify suspicious or aggressive behavior, and find bottlenecks. Monitor service and cleanliness standards, occupancy, or waiting times in hotels, restaurants, single venues, or multiple locations to focus on what matters the most: delivering exceptional services and keeping your guests, staff, and venues protected.

Increased hotel security

Increase hotel security and operational efficiency across multiple properties

Hotels and other guest accommodations need to balance protecting their customers and staff while ensuring guests’ privacy. Ava’s discreet hotel video security cameras with integrated analytics help prevent loss and identify theft and vandalism with real-time alerts. Simply access the Ava Aware video management system directly from your browser or mobile phone, watch and share footage remotely to increase your security team’s mobility and operability.

Increase your situational awareness with maps and live video security footage of people and vehicles of interest. When integrating with access control systems, your security personnel can monitor corridors and private areas for a complete picture of loitering, access to restricted zones, or even active shooter scenarios. 

Empower operators to investigate faster and smarter to search by similarity, appearance, events, objects, or image. Recovering lost or stolen objects, identifying suspicious people and vehicles in and around your perimeter take minutes instead of hours. With fewer resources, your operators can provide compelling evidence and mitigate liability risks.

Bolster restaurant

Bolster restaurant security with real-time incident detection and monitor service standards

From fine-dining restaurants to fast-food chains, the need for an intelligent video surveillance solution that will protect guests and employees and drive operational efficiency is vital. Choose Ava’s restaurant video security cameras to ensure you will capture clear and sharp details in all light conditions. 

Accelerate incident response time with Ava’s Smart Search capabilities to investigate, extract and share video security footage of accidents, slip and falls, shrinkage, and unauthorized activity and find people and vehicles of interest within minutes. 

From monitoring the activity in food preparation areas to ensure your employees meet safety regulatory requirements to checking front-of-house workflows and identifying suspicious transactions, Ava’s smart video analytics can help deliver outstanding services with the peace of mind that you’re always on top of security challenges.

Enhance customer

Enhance customer experience and quality assurance

Analyze the number of people and vehicles entering and exiting your premises to get more insights into footfall, monitor crowds, and allocate more staff during busy periods to evaluate your hotels’ or restaurants’ performance. Set people counting rules to avoid bottlenecks by redirecting customers when queues start to form.

Use Ava’s cloud video security maps with Smart Presence™ to watch people and vehicles in their precise on-site locations, live footage, and their paths as they move on the camera field of view. Download and share historical data of occupancy information with store managers to facilitate advanced analysis.

Transition to cloud

Transition to cloud video security with ease

We designed our cloud-based video security solution for overall simplicity and readiness for deployment without needing to rip and replace existing equipment. Deploy Aware Cloud directly or use one of our highly performant Cloud Connectors to achieve a friction-free transition to the cloud, gain local storage capacity, and power your third-party cameras with AI analytics and storage. Integrate Aware with your third-party security cameras, access control systems, dashboards, monitoring systems, sensors, and APIs to get more value and visibility in a single view. 

Ava Cameras have a plug-and-play configuration that removes the need for usernames, passwords, pre-configuration set-up, or default settings. Scan the unique QR codes on the security cameras to onboard them to the Aware Cloud video management system.


Benefit from simple and flexible licensing

With a simple licensing model, Ava includes services and software upgrades. You no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

Keeping thieves away from Norwegian boutique hotel The Thief

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Key benefits for hospitality security

Build from existing investment while retaining privacy

Build from existing investment while retaining privacy

  • Integrate with existing third-party video security cameras and access control systems to extend your capabilities
  • Video and metadata storage remains on-premise
  • Full site survivability and local access


Secure and fast collaboration

Collaborate securely and quickly

  • Access live video surveillance feeds and recordings securely from anywhere
  • Share video links with law enforcement authorities to facilitate ease of investigations
  • Maintain the integrity of records with video watermarking
Save storage and money

Save storage and money

  • Dynamically vary the bitrate within a stream based on object detection
  • Use less storage and bandwidth on playback while keeping the quality where and when you need it 
  • Up to 200 security cameras per Ava appliance—small footprint support for larger sites
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Simplicity and compliance

  • One-click Ava Compact Dome, Ava Dome, and Ava 360 configuration
  • Encrypted media at rest and in transit
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Simple subscription model without hidden costs or analytics add-ons

Improve customer experience

  • Get insights on occupancy statistics to deliver great customer experience
  • Instant notifications when queues are detected to allocate staff according to the busiest business hours
  • Find out which of your locations perform the best and why
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Gain operational insights

  • Increase operational productivity and reduce costs
  • Distribute air and heat efficiently to match economics and customer comfort
  • Understand your customers’ activity to plan and design more adequate layouts

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