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Smart video security to increase public safety and modernize your city


Gain valuable insights to keep residents safe and revive community interactions.

Inefficient or outdated public video surveillance cameras  directly threaten public safety—with crimes going unsolved and repeat offenders evading law enforcement. Modernizing video security systems in municipal government transforms the community experience making cities safer, smarter, and more productive for the people.

AI-driven video security for the smart cities of the future

Easy to set up and manage

Easy to set up, use, and manage

Deploy each video security camera in minutes by installing the camera, scanning the QR code, and then adding it to the appropriate group from your Ava Aware Cloud platform. Once added to the cloud, all upgrades and performance optimizations are automatically managed. And you can monitor the footage through web and mobile access anywhere via your browser or the Ava Aware mobile app on Android and iOS.


Reliable cloud management and storage

Eliminating NVRs and other on-premise devices also eliminates risks and issues associated with physical storage. Keep video footage safe from tampering by storing everything on Ava’s cloud, or select the cloud or local file storage solution of your choice.

Automated alerts

Automated alerts and event tagging

No need to scroll through hours of feed or have eyes on the screen 24/7. Ava Aware Cloud will let you know when something happens. Whether that’s a person trespassing or vandalizing a public venue or if the system detects unusual activity, get instant notifications to act faster at any hour of the day.


Compliance and privacy

Protect your residents’ privacy with intelligent rules-based notifications that are based on clothing color or human movement instead of facial recognition. Ensure compliance with your video security system's end-to-end encrypted data, detailed audit logs, and role-based permissions. What’s more, Ava's security cameras are NDAA-compliant.

Don't just take our word for it

Modern security solutions for a historic town

Stavanger uses video security intelligence to create a better place to live and work

How smart video security played a role in ensuring this smart city can protect its communities and deliver reliable services. 

Safeguard residents an guests with

Instant Alerts

Instant alerts

Sound detection

Sound detection

Line Crossing

Line crossing

Heat maps


Swift Searches

Fast searching


Occupancy analytics

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment



Ava Aware Cloud platform

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The benefits of cloud video security for the public sector

Managing crowds

Managing spaces and crowds

Count people and vehicles automatically to analyze trends in foot and vehicle traffic, detect abnormal patterns in activity, and allocate more staff during busy periods. Download and share historical data of occupancy information with security to facilitate advanced analysis. Improve safety by detecting threats, and empower security operators to act before incidents escalate.

Public safety

Extend public safety

By understanding what happens in the city each day, you can identify patterns that optimize plans for what happens when things do go wrong. Be better prepared for emergencies or unforeseen events, and create public safety plans using quantifiable data. Partner with local businesses and other stakeholders to improve safety for civilians and employees alike.

Image - Ava Smart City

An Ava smart city
set up

Ava’s security cameras capture exceptional detail in areas with challenging lighting and detect motion to flag suspicious activity in public spaces. If you have an issue with nighttime theft, for example, Ava could alert you to criminal activity as it’s happening—not the morning after.

If someone reports a crime and the authorities require the footage to catch the perpetrator, easily share snippets by searching for tagged events in the clouds. Use appearance search and similarity search to look across a long expanse of camera feed and download what you need to share from the cloud in minutes.

Maybe some local buildings have been broken into in the past few months. Ava video surveillance Cameras can tune into suspicious noises like glass breaking to notify you where a sound is coming from and if it needs attention. With real-time alerts and custom rule-sets (think: create a rule that triggers an alert if more than three people are detected in view between 12 am-5 am outside the local parking lot), deterring crime can happen proactively.

Use the Ava 360 fisheye camera or the Ava Quad multisensor to survey a large plaza or open space. A powerful crime deterrent, it can work to protect against illegal activity without needing to install tens of cameras in one area.

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