Retail security and consumer intelligence


Transform security and customer experience with advanced analytics. Find out how.

Current industry challenges

Today, the retail industry is still undergoing a transformative process, as online sales take precedence over those in physical locations. A study conducted by Oracle showed that 65% of consumers consider personalized offers to be the most important in their shopping experience. How can traditional retail transform and benefit from the customer behavior analytics that e-commerce businesses already use to offer personalized buying experiences?

At the same time, security managers in the retail sector are also still facing the same concerns they always have: shoplifting, break-ins, employee theft, clerical errors, assault, parking security.

Video surveillance may have once been reserved for security demands only, but it now reveals customer buying patterns and behavior through video analytics and insights that any store can use to increase sales. Finding a solution that can deliver proactive security, fast and accurate investigations, and customer data, is vital for the industry.

Quantify why you need it


of buyers would be willing to pay more for products or services if they had a highly personalized in-store experience.

Source: Time and Trade

Why Ava Video Security

Choose Ava to ensure security operators can tap into advanced analytics to detect and react to anomalies in real-time. Additionally, your store managers can use Ava’s customer intelligence insights to increase profits and meet the customers’ needs.

Loss prevention

Detection and analysis in real-time

Keep your customers and staff safe and your merchandise protected in real-time using Ava’s pervasive video and audio analytics. Use Spotlight to bring feeds with relevant activity to the operator’s attention as unusual situations unfold. Track goods and control access as trucks are entering your warehouses. Detect verbal aggression, loitering, shrinkage (theft, break-ins), and vandalism based on predefined rules.

Store optimization with retail analytics

Store optimization with retail analytics

Use the number of people and vehicles entering and exiting to analyze store performance, footfall, monitor queues, and allocate more staff during busy periods. With Smart Presence™, our Map view shows people and vehicles in their precise on-site locations, live footage, and their paths as they move on the camera field of view. Combine with access control solutions to then monitor staff or gain a clearer understanding for use in case of fire or active shooter scenarios.

Accurate search within minutes

Accurate search within minutes

Track and manage inventory, reduce shrinkage, and identify false liability claims throughout your facilities. Smart Search™ powers operators to search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image within minutes. Investigate across all stores, warehouses, and distribution centers to identify repeat offenders or suspects, or use in parking lots to detect and track suspicious cars at odd hours.

Secure remote access and link sharing

Secure remote access and link sharing

Achieve easy and simple deployment and access by connecting Ava Aware to the cloud. Authorized users can get access from anywhere in the world via the cloud, and securely share links of recorded video with team members, claim investigators, and law enforcement, regardless of whether they have admin access to Aware or not. Get a secure download of video files in a standard mp4 format with digital watermarking for authenticity.

Simple and flexible licensing

Simple and flexible licensing

With a simple licensing model, Ava always includes services and software upgrades. You no longer have to worry about integration charges, operator charges, API fees, or the complexity between small, medium, large, and enterprise services.

Key benefits

Better overview of operational insights

Better overview of operational insights

  • Increase operational productivity and reduce store and warehouse costs
  • Distribute air efficiently to match economics and customer comfort
  • Use people flow insights to manage queues efficiently
  • Understand your customers’ in-store activity and which are the least and most visited areas
Save storage and money

Save storage and money

  • Automatically decrease storage demands from all your recordings
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption on critical links with AI-based optimization
  • Pay for what you need, when you need it, without the hassle of complicated licensing
  • Up to 200 cameras per Ava security appliance—small footprint support for larger facilities
Enhanced customer experience

Enhanced customer experience

  • Get insights on in-store traffic patterns to deliver great customer experience
  • Instant notification when queues are detected to allocate staff according to the busiest business hours
  • Find out which of your locations perform the best and why
Simplicity and compliance

Simplicity and compliance

  • One-click Ava Dome and Ava 360 configuration
  • Encrypted media at rest and in transit
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Digital watermarking to prevent tampering
  • Simple subscription model without hidden costs or analytics add-ons

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